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Webinar on How Brand Protection Programs Can Reduce Counterfeiting and Assist in Meeting Sustainability Targets

Webinar on How Brand Protection Programs Can Reduce Counterfeiting and Assist in Meeting Sustainability Targets
by Jeremy Plimmer on Tuesday 25 January at 13.00 GMT

Our current lives would be meaningless without numbers, they provide a source of reference that allows us the identify people, time, places and things. Take for instance the printed codes that appear on everyday consumer packaging and labels. These numbers refer to a ‘best before date’ a ‘sell by date’ and often include further detail that identifies a manufacturing site, time of manufacture and other information that provides a source of identification should a product recall be necessary.

Brand Owners have long since used numbers to track and trace goods through the supply chain. In fact, digitisation of the supply chain is a term used to describe the application of technology that provides total product ‘visibility’ of raw material, and its conversion into product from source through final consumption and beyond.

Numbers in the form of product coding also provide surety of provenance and protection against counterfeiting, product diversion and grey market trade.

But what if such coding systems could be simultaneously applied to other business objectives such as sustainability and recycling? Is it possible to combine the disciplines of traceability and provenance with those of environmental concern?

This presentation will reveal how some cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital watermarking, cloud computing and blockchains can leverage on coding technologies to deliver a possible answer to some of the challenges facing the automation of recycling programmes and the establishment of secure deposit return schemes which could lead to a greener life in future for all of us.

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